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Dr. Fiona Cheung, D.C.

Born in Hong Kong and fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, Dr. Fiona Cheung earned her Doctor of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West and holds a Bachelor's in Exercise Biology from UC Davis. Drawn to healthcare early on, she chose chiropractic to make a broader impact. With 200+ hours in Gonstead System training, her mission is enhancing life quality through chiropractic. Outside the clinic, she's an avid badminton player and outdoor enthusiast.

The Intero Method™: Where Chiropractic Precision Meets Holistic Relief

Our secret is the Intero Method™, based off of the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique. The Gonstead method is a meticulous system that employs diagnostic testing to pinpoint the exact origin of pain and nerve issues. Using the Intero Method™, our chiropractors offer targeted adjustments that provide a comprehensive healing process. 

We address not only pain. We're committed to nurturing your body's innate ability to heal and thrive, offering a holistic solution to a spectrum of aches and discomforts.

You'll find us conveniently situated at 5150 Graves Avenue, San Jose, CA. Our clinic proudly serves the San Jose community and surrounding areas, including Cupertino, Santa Clara, Campbell, and beyond. With easy access from major highways, we're strategically located to be your trusted hub for chiropractic care in the heart of San Jose. Don't let pain dictate your life. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a journey to lasting relief.

See Why Our Founder Left Wall Street to Create The Intero Method™

 "I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned!"

I am so thankful to have found Intero Chiropractic. I have a couple large herniated disks in my low back and a curve in my spine that developed due to my spine compensating for all of my low back issues. I came in with a lot of pain but got relief within just a week of starting treatment here. The assessments are in depth and they do incredible, precise adjustments. The staff are very friendly and great at what they do. I am 8 months into treatment and come in once every week to every other week and am still doing great. My x rays from the start of treatment compared to my re-evaluation are remarkable. I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned! I HIGHLY recommend Intero Chiropractic!! Don't wait until you are in pain to start taking care of your spine

Carrie R.

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back

Are you ready to get back to doing things you love?

Maybe you've tried other chiropractors before and it didn't work. We're confident that our San Jose team can get you better. Get ready for the Intero difference.


At Intero, We Do Things Differently

As doctors of chiropractic, our focus is to help the body heal and self-regulate through the nervous system. Your body is designed to be in balance, in homeostasis. Let us help you get there.

Intero Chiropractic

Traditional Chiro


Thorough Patient Consultation

Spinal Thermography

Full spine digital x-rays with analysis

30+ point examination


45-60 minute diagnostic analysis prior to correction


Spinal Thermography

Palpation of tissue quality around joint

Motion palpation of the specific joint


Visualization of skin, swelling, posture, movement


Cross reference analysis with full spine x-rays


Soft tissue work

X-ray specific rehabilitation




Structural corrective support 

Convenient appointment and reminder app

Access to electronic records




Full spine x-rays and report


See the Intero Method™ In Action

Brandon:  Chronic Sciatic Pain to Renewed Mobility

For Brandon, the journey to relief was filled with trials. He explored various treatments, from medications to different chiropractic approaches, all in an attempt to alleviate his intense Level 9 to 10 Sciatic pain. It was only when he came to Intero Chiropractic that he found genuine relief. 

With our specialized Gonstead chiropractic technique, Brandon not only experienced a significant reduction in pain but also regained his mobility. Gratefully, he regards Dr. Fiona as a master in chiropractic care. We're honored to have played a pivotal role in Brandon's path to better health.

See what Brandon had to say about his experience.

Micaela's Transformation from Neck Pain

Micaela's journey with us began with concerns about neck adjustments and chronic neck pain she had been enduring. She had been grappling with neck pain at her atlas, which occasionally led to cord pressure down her right side. With Dr. Fiona's expert Gonstead chiropractic technique, Micaela not only found relief from her neck pain but also experienced a significant improvement in her lower back. The tenderness she once felt vanished, and she was left in awe of the increased rotation and flexibility in her neck.

See what Micaela had to say about her experience.

Ryan's Neck Is No Longer Kinked

When Ryan first walked into our clinic, he was grappling with a kinked neck that limited his range of motion and caused discomfort. Under the expert care of Dr. Fiona, utilizing the Gonstead chiropractic technique, Ryan experienced a transformation. After a targeted adjustment to his T5, he found he could rotate his head to the right more freely. The tightness and tension that once plagued his shoulders and neck significantly diminished, allowing Ryan to move with greater ease and comfort.

Your Health Can't Wait, and Neither Should You

Come see why over 5,000 patients in the Bay Area have entrusted their health to us. 

See What Our Patients Are Saying

"I struggled with various aches and pains around my body, which are more likely due to being reckless in my younger years and not taking better care of my body. I used to wake up with headaches almost daily and low back pain. I was recommended Intero Chiropractic by a friend who had such a great experience with the team. I thought why not give it a try. I have been working with Dr Fiona since January and experienced so much progress. I no longer have chronic headaches. My body feels better after each session. I'm more aware of my body now and how I care for it. Dr Fiona is always providing tips to continue progress in my everyday routine. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. Everyone is so genuine and you can see it as they interact with others there. They truly care about each individual they work with." ~ Alexis E.

"Thank you Intero & to the blessed hands of Dr. Fiona. Just one day scrolling on instagram I came across and ad for Intero.

I've never been to a chiropractor and didn't know what to expect, I just knew I had been dealing with chronic back and leg pain for some time now.

My consultation appointment went great very thorough might I add, from the in depth one on one asking of my issues to even the X-ray. To be honest I thought I was just going to lay on a bed and just crack here and crack there. No! They are trying to help you so when I returned a week later, I was set up with a plan, and my first day I got adjusted which was great.

So as of today 7/31/2023 I can say my posture has improved 1000% no more tech neck which was huge issue for me. They even gave me a at home kit as my sessions are coming to an end.

Big thumbs up to the staff and the doctors." ~ Micaela A.

"I have been suffering from Lvl 9-10 sciatic nerve pain caused by irregularities after my car accident and Intero provided the best care I could've ever asked for.

I have way too many issues to list regarding my spine but Ryan (Case Manager) was very helpful in breaking down the gist of it all. Dr. Zach was the first one to perform my first adjustment and has made instant results, I haven't experienced sciatica since then. Dr. Fiona is taking care of me moving forward and has been providing amazing results fixing only two heavy areas at a time to ensure the quality of the procedure works long-term.

I can't thank them enough for their help! My life, career, and relationships have heavily improved!" ~ Brandon S.

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