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Dr. Luke Sparaccio, D.C.

Dr. Luke J. Sparaccio is from Long Island, New York. He developed an interest in chiropractic at 18 during a personal training program. He earned a bachelor's degree in Biology from SUNY Cortland and studied at Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Luke has over 250 hours of training in the Gonstead System and has completed Basic I and II training of Orthospinology. He's currently taking a 200-hour course from Functional Medicine University. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, and is passionate about educating others to reach their full potential.

Dr. Andrew Apuya, D.C.

Dr. Zak Champa earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College in San Jose, CA. After a football injury left him immobile, a Gonstead Chiropractor's expertise changed his life, inspiring his chiropractic career. At Intero Chiropractic, Dr. Zak is renowned for his precise adjustments and dedication to improving patients' health using the Gonstead technique. Outside of work, he enjoys sports, hiking, and family time.

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Our secret is the Intero Methodâ„¢, based off of the renowned Gonstead chiropractic technique. The Gonstead method is a meticulous system that employs diagnostic testing to pinpoint the exact origin of pain and nerve issues. At our Concord location, our dedicated chiropractors utilize the precision of the Gonstead method to identify the exact source of pain and nerve issues.

We address not only pain. We're committed to nurturing your body's innate ability to heal and thrive, offering a holistic solution to a spectrum of aches and discomforts.

You'll find us conveniently situated at 1390 Willow Pass Road Suite 190, Concord, CA. We proudly serve the Concord community, as well as neighboring areas such as Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, and beyond. Our central location ensures easy accessibility, making us your trusted destination for chiropractic care in the heart of Concord. Don't let pain dictate your life. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a journey to lasting relief.

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