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After chiropractic care under Dr. Hsieh, my menstrual and back cramps are much less intense and for a shorter duration of time. Chiropractic also helped with my sinus allergies and headaches that have plagued me for years. They're now greatly reduced!


I tell people that Dr. Jerry is a magician. Right after the first adjustment my pain was drastically reduced and each time I came with a sore back, the adjustments have been really helpful.


I was born with scoliosis, and I wasn’t sure whether anything could really help with a condition with that I’d had for so many years. After just my first couple of visits, I started to feel relief from my back pain throughout the day.


I've noticed a difference in pain levels for my neck and back. I've reduced how much pain medicine I take as well. I've also noticed a difference in the amount of pain in my neck after resting.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who has been suffering with body pain. The staff are friendly and very professional. The chiropractors are aware of your problems and give effort to try and understand where you are feeling pain.


I began to do some research and started reading about Intero. At first glance it sounded to good to be true, but after watching a video I could see that this was not your normal Chiropractic office.

So I reached out to them and made an appt..

Within the first few minutes I was blown away!! They actually listened to me.  By the time i had finished my appt I was in tears..I had found my hope again.


The providers were able to explain to me in detail what's going on with my spine and it's misalignment. The nerve interference it had caused and how it affected my health and everyday pain... I highly recommend this place!!! The staff is very friendly. The providers are awesome! I'm currently being treated by Dr. Anthony, Dr. Chris and Dr. Hojin and all had given me awesome treatment I also had great improvement! I want to thank the staff and the doctors for always making me feel better!!!!

 "I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned!"

I am so thankful to have found Intero Chiropractic. I have a couple large herniated disks in my low back and a curve in my spine that developed due to my spine compensating for all of my low back issues. I came in with a lot of pain but got relief within just a week of starting treatment here. The assessments are in depth and they do incredible, precise adjustments. The staff are very friendly and great at what they do. I am 8 months into treatment and come in once every week to every other week and am still doing great. My x rays from the start of treatment compared to my re-evaluation are remarkable. I love being able to actually see that my spine is more aligned! Dr. Chris, Dr. Robert, and Dr. Jerry are passionate about what they do and treat each patient with compassion, dignity, and excellence. I HIGHLY recommend Intero Chiropractic!! Don't wait until you are in pain to start taking care of your spine

Carrie R.

Intero changed my life. Sciatica - gone after one month. I went to them because of persistent lower back problems that I could no longer keep at bay by building my core and stretching. After just one month not only are my symptoms gone but I just feel good. I can stand, sit, and exercise without issues. They use a scientific approach to analyze your condition and tailor the therapy just for you. Plus they really care about their patients. Highly recommended. Life changing for me.

Peter K

Pleasanton, CA

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