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What Causes Back Pain?

If you're experiencing low back pain, you're among the many who face this challenge. Most individuals will deal with back pain at some stage in their lives. Low back pain can arise from a range of causes, including muscle strains, disc problems, arthritis, skeletal irregularities, osteoporosis, poor posture, and other underlying medical conditions. Some people also experience back pain due to injuries or trauma.

Traditional treatments typically focus on painkillers or other temporary remedies for relief. While these methods can offer immediate respite, they often don't tackle the root cause, resulting in the recurrence of symptoms once the temporary solutions fade.

How To Find Lasting Relief

At Intero, our approach to treating low back pain starts with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment during the initial appointment. We recognize that every individual is unique. Two people might have the same root cause but different symptoms, or they might display similar symptoms stemming from different causes. This understanding drives us to take a holistic look at each patient's case. 

While we excel at alleviating immediate discomfort, our primary focus is on identifying and addressing the root cause of the pain. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we pinpoint the exact location and nature of the root cause. From this detailed analysis, we craft a treatment plan tailored specifically for that individual. This personalized approach allows us to provide care that truly meets each patient's unique needs.

Our goal is not just to alleviate symptoms but to address and heal the underlying cause, ensuring long-term health.

Disc Bulges and Herniation

Disc bulges and herniations occur when the cushions between your spine's bones, known as discs, get damaged. These discs can swell or break open, often pressing on the nerves around your spine. If you're facing any of these issues, it's possible you might have a disc bulge or herniation:

Sharp pain
Muscle weakness
Tingling sensations in your limbs
Pain that extends to your legs
Discomfort that intensifies when standing or sitting for long periods.

At Intero, we specialize in diagnosing these conditions accurately and offer effective treatments to help heal the damaged discs and relieve the painful symptoms. Throughout the treatment process, we prioritize patient comfort and safety, ensuring that each step is tailored to the individual's needs. Our goal is to not only relieve pain but to restore function and prevent future disc-related issues.


Subluxations are misalignments of the spine's vertebrae. These misalignments can arise from a variety of factors, including physical trauma, poor posture, repetitive movements, or even emotional stress. Over time, these misalignments can disrupt the normal function of the nervous system and lead to various health issues, such as persistent neck or back pain, reduced range of motion, and frequent headaches. 

At Intero, we specialize in detecting and correcting subluxations. Through targeted adjustments, we aim to realign the spine, restoring its proper function and bringing relief to our patients.

Strains, Sprains, and Stress

Strains and sprains are injuries to the muscles and ligaments, respectively. They often result from overstretching, sudden movements, or accidents. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, and limited movement in the affected area. On the other hand, stress, whether physical or emotional, can manifest in the body in various ways, including muscle tension, headaches, and even exacerbating existing conditions. At Intero, we recognize the interconnectedness of these issues. Our approach not only addresses the immediate injury or tension but also delves into holistic solutions to manage and alleviate stress, ensuring a comprehensive path to recovery.


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Behind the Scenes: Treating Low Back Pain at Intero

Flo Found Relief After 10 Years

For years, Flo endured a debilitating pain that even hindered her from carrying her toddler. A hidden compression fracture, worsening over a decade, was just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into this patient's journey as we uncover a series of interconnected health issues, from an underactive thyroid to sleep disturbances

Through a meticulous examination and the insights drawn from her X-rays, we pinpointed not only the physical ailments but also their potential systemic causes. Witness her transformation as she stands taller, both literally and figuratively, after receiving targeted chiropractic care at our clinic.

Katherine's Journey from Weightlifting Injury to Pain-Free

Ever felt like your back aged faster than the rest of you? Dive into Katherine's story who, despite being young, faced debilitating back pains that made everyday tasks, like using the bathroom or getting out of a car, a challenge. 

With targeted chiropractic care, Katherine found immediate relief and a newfound ease in movement. However, for her it's about more than just pain relief; it's about restoring comfort and normalcy in everyday life.

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Hear Our Patients Stories

"Megan has been my hero. She's fun to talk to, she has magic hands, and she talks to you like a human being, instead of using medical speak.

I've never had back problems, but after my son was born, I found that lifting him overtime was really causing a lot of discomfort (He's in the 95th percentile for weight). Additionally, I sit at my desk all day, which is obviously not good for my neck or back.

One of the biggest draws I had to Intero was that I received a full scan of my neck and back in my first appointment. After finishing my last appointment, I got to see another scan, which showed the various improvements that I received after my 10 weeks of treatments (that treatment number is based on how messed up you are).

Bottom line, I feel a lot better." ~ Andrew C.

"Here is a perspective from someone who was not a believer at all in Chiropractic care. I stumbled upon this clinic at a local city fair we were having and I had been struggling with severe sciatica for over 2 years. 

Dr. Zak was so thorough in his approach and explaining to me where we would be correcting based off of x rays. The x Ray was very comforting knowing they were using data to address what was wrong and causing the pain.

The best part after about 3 months I have no more pain. It's gone. I know there is still work to be done to completely fix these lower back issues but having the relief after 2 years is something you can't put a price tag on.

I'd highly recommend coming here and taking a dive of faith if you were skeptic like I was. My experience here has been nothing short of amazing." ~ Jeffrey B.

"I've been going to Intero Chiropractic for a few months and I feel like I'm in very capable hands.

They do a very thorough intake assessment and rather than a quick adjustment, they want to get to the root of the problem and allow your body to heal and achieve optimum spinal health.

Dr. Megan is my chiropractor and she's just amazing. The great thing about the appointments is that you don't need to tell them about your pain or discomfort because they're able to tell by checking with this lovely little device for the "heat" of your inflammation as well as your disc mobility. But if you do bring up an issue, Dr. Megan can customize the adjustment to address it.

I'm not quite done my treatment yet but already I'm able to pick up and carry my kids in a way I never have been able to before. I'm standing up straighter and just feel stronger. I highly recommend Intero." ~ Keri S.


How long will to take to correct low back pain?

The length of treatment required to correct low back pain can vary significantly from one individual to another. Several factors influence this, including the age, the severity of symptoms, the consistency in maintaining treatment routines, and other underlying health conditions. While some patients might experience rapid relief within a few sessions, others may require a more extended approach to fully address the root cause and achieve lasting relief. Each person's healing journey is unique. However, no matter how long it takes, we are committed to being  there to support you every step of the way.

How long will it take to see improvements?

The timeline for noticing improvements in low back pain varies for each individual. Factors such as the nature and severity of the condition, the patient's overall health, and adherence to recommended treatments play a significant role. Some patients might feel a difference after just one or two sessions, while others may need a bit more time before discernible changes occur. It's important to remember that healing is a process, and while immediate relief is possible, lasting recovery often requires consistent care and patience. After examining your initial diagnostics, your doctor should be able to provide you with a more specific timeline for your treatment.

How do you diagnose the cause of low back pain?

At Intero, our diagnostic approach to low back pain is both comprehensive and interconnected. It all starts with a detailed patient history, capturing the onset, nature, and progression of your pain. This foundational understanding is enriched by a thorough physical examination, assessing everything from posture and spinal alignment to range of motion and specific areas of discomfort. To delve deeper into the root causes, we utilize a thermal nerve scan. This advanced technique identifies areas within the spine under pressure, often signaling potential subluxations. Complementing this, our full spine digital x-rays provide a clear picture of the spine's structure, guiding us to the precise locations and nature of any issues. Each of these steps collectively paints a holistic picture of your spinal health, ensuring our treatment plan is as precise and effective as possible.

Will I need to have X-rays?

Yes, X-rays are a crucial part of our diagnostic process at Intero. They provide invaluable insights into the structure of your spine, allowing us to tailor our care with precision. Every patient is required to have X-rays to ensure we can offer the best care possible. However, if you already have a recent set of X-rays, especially those showing the full spine, you're welcome to bring them in. We're more than happy to use those if they show all neccessary areas.

Can I continue my regular activities while undergoing treatment?

Absolutely. At Intero, our primary goal is to support and enhance your life. We understand the importance of maintaining your regular activities and routines. While undergoing treatment, we recommend discussing any specific activities with your doctor to ensure they align with your recovery process. If there are activities that might negatively impact your treatment or long-term spinal health, we'll provide guidance to see if we can accomodate them with your treatment. Your health is our top priority, and while we strive to accommodate your lifestyle, we'll always prioritize recommendations that ensure your lasting well-being.

Will I need ongoing treatments indefinitely?

Our primary goal at Intero is to promote long-term health for our patients. If patients are consistent with their treatments and heed their doctor's recommendations, they typically don't need to see us frequently. However, many of our patients choose to continue visits even after their pain has been alleviated, as a proactive measure to maintain their long-term health and well-being. While our aim is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to maintain optimal health independently, know that we're always here to support and assist you on your health journey, whenever you choose to visit.

Is chiropractic care suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, chiropractic care is not only safe for pregnant women but can also offer several benefits. Chiropractic treatments can help alleviate back pain often experienced during pregnancy and may even contribute to reducing labor pain and duration. By balancing the nervous system and correcting misalignments in the pelvis, we aim to optimize the mother's overall functioning, leading to a more comfortable pregnancy experience.

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